The McMahon Art Studio/Gallery
The Studio/Gallery in Highwood After a few year of hunkering down and producing an fair number of original works from both local and fascinating locations around the world — each produced with a limited series of signed and numbered gicleés — the bug finally hit us. We had been thinking that it might be time to get the old bus on the road again, hold our breath, and take the plunge back into the gallery world. We had been mulling this over for a few years, and a number of opportunities presented themselves. But it wasn't until meandering over to Highwood for dinner one night that we stumbled upon it. We spotted a "For Lease" sign on a lovely little building on Highwood Avenue, just off Green Bay Road. Needless to say, we were smitten. We did, after all need a place to show all our collected works, as well as a place to to create ... a place for Mark's gicleés as well as venue for Carolyn's remarkable sculpture and works in metal. So we did it! And we moved in back in September and celebrated the opening of McMahon Gallery. 51 Highwood is also a place where we can show the range of works by all the artists of Clan McMahon (with those of Clan McGregor). 
We also want to be able to celebrate the great works of our patriarch, Franklin McMahon, 
the guy with the original VW Microbus — the one you see on these pages — rolling across the country from D.C. to Selma, to Europe, and back to Chicago. And while we became citizens of the world and reflected and cataloged much of what we have seen, we are our father and mother's children: 
In love with a city we call home: Chicago ... all that is in it ... and all that surrounds it. We look forward to seeing you here at the McMahon Art Studio/Gallery in Highwood!

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