The Archived Works of Franklin McMahon 8
The Sculpture of Carolyn McGregor McMahon 8
 The McMahon Family Art
The McMahon 
Family Tradition: Three Generations of Artists The McMahon Family tradition in the arts extends three generations on this site and through the work of four McMahons featured here The whole rigamaroll started with Franklin, who actually worked out of the VW Microbus you see on these main pages. His legacy works are celebrated in links here and in a site currently under development. Son Mark, whose celebrated gliclées are featured on the "gallery" pages of this site is matched by the unparrelled metalwork Sculpture of wife Carolyn, who somehow got herself entangled 
in all this through marriage. Their own progeny carry on the family craft though their children. Elise McGregor McMahon's link takes you to the work of unique genius and perspective, emerging from the DNA passing through the 3rd generation. But it does not end here. You will also find the work of other McMahons on these pages and throughout this country and culture.




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