Chicago River Sunset    26 by 40 watercolor

Signed gicleé prints in 10x12" - 16x20" - 22x30" - 26x40"

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The Chicago Scene

College Sports & Stadiums

Pro Sports & Stadiums

Chicago Sports

Lake Forest & Lake Bluff


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What is a "Giclée" print?

A giclée (pronounced"zheeclay") is a French word meaning, "fine spray". It is computer generated-print that is produced by the spraying of an image onto fine art paper. We produce our own giclées by taking a high quality scan of the original artwork, then print them using a high quality Epson printer. The inks used are specially formulated so that the fine print heads can disburse jets of ink in minute droplets at a resolution of 1440 dpi.


The paper (or acetate, in the case of layered prints) used is specially prepared to accept this type of printing. As with other fine art printing processes, the artist approves "proofs" of the art print to ensure that the right tone, depth and color is produced.


Until recently inkjet prints were disappointingly fugitive with noticeable fading occurring quite quickly. However, dramatic improvements have been made to the inks used and the paper or canvas accepted by printers. Recent tests show that giclée-quality inkjet prints can have a light-fast life expectancy of 100 to 200 years.


When prints are produced on good quality paper, the print should possess archival standards of permanence comparable or better than other collectible artwork. The visual quality of the print is extremely high and the color saturation and definition stunning.